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Our team previously worked with organizations such as…

Our team previously worked with organizations such as…

Unlock your AI Strategy

Crafting the roadmap to transformative AI integration, tailored to elevate your business operations and decision-making processes.

Hire AI and Data Talent

Connect with elite AI and Data experts, ready to propel your projects to the forefront of innovation.

Fractional CAIO (Chief AI Officer)

Access strategic AI leadership on-demand, driving your AI initiatives forward with executive expertise.

Transformative AI Solutions, Delivered

Transformative AI Solutions, Delivered

Transformative AI Solutions, Delivered

On-Demand AI and Data Talent

Rigorous Vetting, Zero Guesswork

Rapid Onboarding, Maximum Momentum


“I’ve seen excellent results from the team at AptiCrew. They’ve quickly connected me with quality engineers, which is crucial in our fast-paced environment. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to accelerate their hiring without compromising on talent.”

Seth Siegler

SVP Technology Innovation at eXp Realty

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Our Mission

AptiCrew is dedicated to pioneering the future of work by harnessing AI and machine learning to identify and nurture talent in bleeding-edge technologies. Our mission is to transform the way people work through robust talent clouds of pre-vetted experts, ensuring companies stay at the forefront of innovation while empowering individuals to thrive in an ever-evolving tech landscape. We believe in creating a world where work is not commoditized but enriched through continuous learning and growth, driving transformative success for both people and businesses.

Rivers Evans

Founder & CEO, AptiCrew

Rivers Evans, the founder of AptiCrew, brings a wealth of experience from the tech talent space. He has played a pivotal role in the growth of two tech-unicorn talent marketplaces, utilizing AI/ML technologies to enhance the sourcing, vetting, and hiring processes for remote software engineers. His teams previously built AI/ML and Data solutions for organizations like Spotify, MIT, Johnson & Johnson, and hundreds of companies worldwide.


What is AptiCrew?

AptiCrew is an elite talent platform specializing in pre-vetted, remote AI and Data talent. It focuses on building high quality AI solutions for businesses through access to superior talent.

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